Feb 13, 2014

Redditt gets 20 days and a tongue-lashing


GREENVILLE - Ebony Redditt, Greenville, was sentenced to 20 days in jail, service to begin Feb. 17, plus up to 60 months community control sanctions, but that isn’t what had her in tears Feb. 13. Darke County Common Pleas Judge Jonathan Hein gave her a tongue-lashing regarding her attitude.

“I don’t like the sighs I’m hearing,” Hein said. “All that ‘I can’t do it’ attitude is what got you here today! You want to have it out right now? We can do that! I don’t like your stinking attitude… quit telling me what you can’t do…

“You’re going to get it together or you’re going to have a housing arrangement you aren’t going to like.”

Redditt had pleaded guilty to Felony 5 Domestic Violence. She had recently been released from the Darke County jail after serving five days for misdemeanor theft, and still had a pending misdemeanor assault charge in Judge Julie Monnin’s Municipal Court. Hein also noted she’d had bench warrants issued for failure to comply and failure to appear.

Assistant Prosecutor Jesse Green had recommended control sanctions and 30 days in jail.

Hein said he’d try community control sanctions, but noted Redditt was “not doing very well… all this says something is wrong.”

The 35-year-old Redditt attended Versailles High School but only went through the 10th grade. Hein told her he wanted her to work on her GED. “For you, but also about the kids. This is about being a role model for them… I want you to complete anger management, substance abuse programs, 75 hours community service, random urinalysis, seek and maintain employment…”

Hein stopped at that point, noting the sighs, and said his sister has tougher problems than Redditt does but she wasn’t a drain on society.

“I’m giving you the lowest jail time I can! You are a huge risk… you are out of control! Are you hearing me? Knock off the sighs! I don’t do well with your attitude… Probation sees you on a regular basis; if you keep that attitude they’ll tell me.”

Before dismissing court, Hein thanked Redditt’s defense attorney Nicole Pohlman for her service to the courts. She has recently chosen to pursue other professional directions.


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