Feb 26, 2014

Cell phone collection drive at MU Library

WEST MILTON – The Office of International Studies (OIS) and the Swedenborg Memorial Library of Urbana University are pleased to sponsor a Hope Phones collection drive. The Hope Phone collection drive is the first joint venture between local libraries and Urbana University. The purpose of the collection drive is to ask area residents to donate cell phones that you no longer need or use.

The Milton-Union Public Library is partnering with Urbana University to be a collection site, as are the Champaign County Public Library, Clark County Public Library, Logan County Public Library, Mechanicsburg Public Library, Rushsylvania Public Library, and St. Paris Public Library.

The Hope Phones cell phone collection drive will be held from March 1 to May 3. Each donor receives a bookmark as a token of appreciation. The goal is to collect 50 old cell phones or more from the community.

What is Hope Phones? It is a parent program of Medic Mobile, a public charity organization that advances health care in 15 countries across the globe. Hope Phones uses old cell phones to directly fund operations of Medic Mobile. When an old cell phone is donated, the Medic Mobile recycling partner transfers the value of the phone to a Medic Mobile account so that new mobile technology can be purchased for the field. The goal of mobile technology is to create connected, coordinated health systems that help save lives.

There’s another benefit to donating an old cell phone. Americans discard half a million cell phones each day. These phones pollute the Earth with plastic and toxins like nickel, beryllium, and lead. Donating an old cell phone reduces hazardous waste. By recycling just 1% of these discarded phones, Hope Phones can help save lives.

The old phone does not need to work, neither do chargers nor accessories need to be donated unless available. All data is erased from the old cell phone using a secure and certified process. If a phone cannot be refurbished for resale, it is recycled safely. The current average value per used phone is $5; smartphones are valued at $80.

How can you help? Donate your old cell phone at the library and give your old cell phone a new life on the frontlines of global healthcare.

To donate, visit the Milton-Union Public Library, 560 S. Main Street, West Milton. For more information, call the library at 698-5515.


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