Jan 27, 2014

Wind damage at high school not major

GREENVILLE – Only the top layer of several was damaged by the wind during the night of Jan. 26, according to Greenville Supt. Doug Fries. The entrance area leading from the main building of Greenville High School to the Career Technology Center had been cordoned off on Jan. 27. Pieces of the material could be seen on the ground and hanging over the edge of the roof.

“There were only portions of the roof – the top layer, or membrane – that were damaged,” he said. “I want to emphasize there are several layers.”

The damaged area was over the second floor above the science wing of high school.

“We’re working with the roof people to get it secured and insurance adjusters are working on it now,” he added. “We should be okay to go for classes.” Fries didn’t consider it to be major damage, noting it was similar to having shingles blowing off a roof.

Pieces of the top layer of the roof at Greenville High School could be seen on the ground and
hanging over the edge of the building. (Bob Robinson photo)


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