Jan 17, 2014

Sheriff warns of persons posing as Health Dept. personnel

GREENVILLE - The Darke County Sheriff’s Office has received information that in the last two days a person is posing as a Health Department official conducting a survey indicating a need to get into the house. In both cases the alleged Health Department official was not permitted in the house and eventually left. The description provided was of a female wearing a name tag and she identified herself as being with the “Department of Health”. She was reported to be operating an early 1990’s model Buick Regal, black in color. Witnesses have been unable to provide further information.

According to Darke County Health Commissioner Dr. Terrence Holman, the Darke County Health Department is not conducting any surveys in Darke County. The Darke County Health Department has also inquired about activity from the State of Ohio Department of Health and they also deny conducting any surveys in the area.

The Darke County Sheriff’s Office can not confirm any legitimate activity taking place on behalf of any Health Department. This information is being issued as a precaution, in case this is a ruse to conduct criminal activity or unlawfully gain access to a residence.

Darke County Sheriff Toby L. Spencer and Dr. Terrence Holman of the Darke County Health Department suggest confirming the identity of a Health Department employee. Do not be afraid to ask for proper identification. Darke County Health Department employees have photo identification badges that have the Health Department logo that they can provide. If you are not satisfied with the photo identification you may contact the Darke County Health Department to confirm the identity by calling 937-548-4196 extension 209. Do not open your door to people you do not know or are not expecting. Do not permit people in your home unless you are reasonably satisfied of their identity and purpose.

Darke County Sheriff Toby L. Spencer asks citizens to immediately report any suspicious activity they observe. Such activity can be reported to the Sheriff 24 hours a day by calling 937-548-2020. If you believe there is a crime in progress call 911. It is important that reports are called in at the time they are observed to allow the deputies a timely response and investigation. If able to do so safely, please provide a description of any vehicles or persons associated with the suspicious activity. Please do not delay in making this call.


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