Jan 17, 2014

Sex offender gets 30 days in jail, supervision and tongue-lashing

GREENVILLE – “How long will it take you to get rid of that stinking attitude? I’m not sure MonDay can do that for you.”

Darke County Common Pleas Judge Jonathan Hein sentenced Zachary Geiger, Richmond, Ind., to 30 days in jail, intense supervision for up to 60 months and Tier 1 Sex Offender status for Felony 4 Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor or Corruption of a Minor on Jan. 17. Geiger, 19, pleaded guilty to the single count with a 14-year-old minor.

Geiger also got 80 hours of community service, no contact with anyone under 18 without adult supervision, and a tongue-lashing.

The MonDay program had been recommended but Hein, looking at Geiger’s history, disagreed. He noted priors for breaking and entering and assault. The defendant had already spent time at West Central. He started smoking marijuana at 13 and experimented with a variety of drugs, including cocaine, meth, heroin and more.

“Your body is 19,” Hein said to Geiger. “You are acting like you’re 15. You need to grow up.”

The defendant had indicated he needed counseling… “If you need mental health counseling, go get it! If you need drug abuse counseling, go get it! If you know what you’re supposed to do why don’t you do it?” Hein said.

Hein told Geiger MonDay is a privilege. If he messes up, that could still be an option but the attitude has to go away.

“Jail is a forgone conclusion. You know that?” Geiger acknowledged he did. “At least you’re mature enough to know that… the offense qualifies for it.”

Noting mood, attitude and immaturity, Hein said, “you need to do what you know you have to do…

“I don’t expect you to be perfect. You’re going to mess up. Every day you have to suck it up, get beyond it… do better! It’s grow up time!”

Tier 1 sex offenders have to register in the county in which they live for 15 years; in Geiger’s case, Richmond. Hein told Geiger he could do his community service there as well.


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