Jan 7, 2014

House arraigned on five drug felonies


GREENVILLE – Bobby R. House was arraigned Jan. 7 on five drug-related felonies. Two felonies were for trafficking in cocaine, both Felony 5 charges. Three were for trafficking in heroin. Two were Felony 4 charges; one was a Felony 2, selling or attempting to sell a Schedule 1 substance in an amount equal to or over 10 grams.

Darke County Common Pleas Judge Jonathan Hein advised House the F5 charges could result in up to a year in prison for each; the F4 up to 18 months each and the F2 two to eight years. The maximum for all five charges would be 13 years with fines of $17,500. He added the maximum sentences were not mandatory.

House was arrested Dec. 11 on the F2 charge. The other charges had been filed on Nov. 20 and Nov. 26.

House’s defense attorney, Kevin Lennen of Rion & Rion, Dayton, told the court the defendant was 22 years old, has children and his only prior was a Felony 5. Noting his client is tied to the area, he asked the judge to reduce the current bond amount.

Darke County Prosecutor Kelly Ormsby said when the defendant was arrested on the F2 the bond was set at $100,000.

“There are now five counts against him,” he added, asking the bond not be reduced.

Hein said he saw no reason to change the bond, noting he didn’t think it would make a difference. He added the defendant was facing prison time.

Pre-trial was set for Feb. 14; a jury trial was scheduled for March 4 and 5. The arraignment took place by video from the Darke County Jail.


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