Jan 3, 2014

Greenville Police Beat

Theft, burglary and robbery led complaints

On Dec. 21 police were dispatched to 121 Tillman Ave. for a robbery that had occurred on E. 4th Street. The victim, Tyray Grice, said he had been walking home from a friend’s house on Martin Street when a vehicle pulled up next to him and two occupants, whom he knew, offered him a ride. He accepted and when he entered the back seat discovered two more individuals whom he knew. After the car pulled away he felt someone reach around him and get him in a choke hold. He lost consciousness. When he awoke he was lying on the sidewalk and the suspects were taking a cell phone, $60 and a Smith and Wesson folding pocket knife. The officer observed red marks and scratches on Grice’s neck consistent with his story. Contact is being attempted with the suspects.


On Dec. 20 police were dispatched to 230 Victoria Dr. regarding a burglary. The complainant, Matthew Bruner, told police someone had entered the back door and stole his mother’s TV and two Visa money cards. He and his mother, Pattie Bruner, live at the noted address. There were no signs of forced entry on the back door, which was found slightly ajar. Its lock was loose. Police contacted Kroger, which had issued the money cards. They had already been used. A Kroger employee advised they would check their surveillance video to see if they can find the suspects using the cards. No other information at this time.

On Dec. 28 police responded to the Towne House Motel at 209 E. Main St. regarding a burglary. Viral Patel advised he heard the door alarm and checked the security camera. He saw a person with a pink coat, but when he went into the office no one was there. This happened twice. A few minutes later he saw on the security monitor someone in a gray and black coat with a pattern of some kind and a hood. The suspect entered through a door behind the counter leading to a bedroom and the laundry. Entry was believed to have been gained through a bedroom window. No suspects pending review of security video.

On Dec. 27 police were notified by Bruce Klepinger of missing camera equipment from his vehicle, which was parked in the rear lot of 430 Wayne Ave. Klepinger believes the vehicle was unlocked at the time. Police contacted Greenville Pawn Shop and advised the equipment was not there. No suspects.

On Dec. 29 police responded to 341 E. Main St. regarding missing Vicodin medication. Walter Root said he believed his live-in girlfriend may have thrown it away and needed to file a report in order to get it replaced.


On Dec. 28 police responded to the Greenville Police Department on a complaint from Julie Monnin. Monnin advised while she was at Saint Mary’s Church her vehicle, which was parked near the corner of Elm and W. Third Streets, had been vandalized. Someone had drawn what appeared to be the “Eye of Providence,” a pyramid with an eye in the center of it, on the driver’s side window. What appeared to be paint or shoe polish was used. No suspects.

On Dec. 21 police responded to AT&T Wireless at 1453 Wagner Ave. regarding front door glass being broken out. Nothing appeared to be taken. No suspects.


On Dec. 4 police responded to SR 127, SR 571 and US 36 intersection regarding a two vehicle accident. A vehicle driven by Mitchell Miracle was following another vehicle and had started a left turn on a green light. The other vehicle slowed down forcing Miracle to stop with his trailer still in the line of traffic. It was struck by Casey Selig. Selig had two juveniles, a 6-year-old female and 3-year-old male, in the back seat. They had not been properly restrained and were transported to Wayne Hospital for treatment. During the investigation officers located a green and black smoking pipe with a green leafy vegetation in it believed to be marijuana. Selig admitted to possibility of “weed” in his system and agreed to a urine test. Miracle was cited for failure to yield when turning left. Selig was cited for child restraint violation, plus possible OVI and child endangerment, depending on the urine results.


On Dec. 21 police observed a group of subjects yelling and fighting in front of Danny’s Bar, 308 S. Broadway. At first no one was interested in filing charges; but Christopher Keiser later advised he wanted to. Keiser had lacerations to the face and a black eye. He said it was Chris Bowles. Bowles had left the area but was detained by police in the 300 block of W. 4th Street. Statements were taken from several witnesses and Bowles was transported to Darke County Jail. Keiser was taken to Greenville Police to photograph his injuries. Another witness, Cassie Thomas, advised her grandfather’s vehicle had been damaged when Bowles pushed Keiser into the car. Keiser originally refused to go to Wayne Hospital Emergency but police noted some of the cuts were deep and might require stitches. After checking in a mirror, Keiser agreed. The officer went to the jail to speak with Bowles but he was passed out in his cell. The officer photographed his face, hands and clothing. His knuckles were red. The officer had difficulty awakening him to get a current address. He refused to fill out a statement. He was issued a citation for assault and criminal damaging.


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