Jan 31, 2014

Greenville Police Beat - GPD investigates rape, robbery and arrest warrants

On Jan. 25 police were dispatched regarding an unresponsive female with a syringe lying at her side. The complainant advised she was in the bedroom. Police found her on her back unclothed and partially covered with a small blanket. To her right was a syringe and a nearly full open can of beer. She was breathing lightly, had a steady pulse but was unresponsive. Following police efforts she eventually became coherent and was able to talk. She admitted to taking “a lot” of heroin. The victim was also discovered to have a Failure to Comply warrant for a charge of theft. The ambulance disposed of the syringe and transported the female to Wayne Hospital where she told personnel she had been raped. She advised police she was at a party drinking when the complainant invited her to his place. She said she was fully dressed when she injected the heroin. She lit a cigarette and doesn’t remember anything else until she woke up naked and the paramedics were standing over her. A sexual assault evidence collection kit was completed after which the female was released from the hospital and arrested on the warrant. She was transported to Darke County Jail. Police have been unable to contact the complainant.


On Jan. 23 police responded to the Circle Mart, 100 E. Main St., regarding a robbery. The suspect was a white male in his early 20’s and was wearing blue/green pajamas or sweat pants and a green/brown fatigue coat. As he was getting ready to leave a suspect entered the store with a curved sabre sword about three feet long, went to the counter and demanded the money in the cash register plus cigarettes. He was wearing a black jacket, dark pants, black ski mask and white gloves and white shoes. The attendant believed he was disguising his voice. When the second suspect demanded the items, the first suspect “nonchalantly” left the store. The investigation is continuing. An earlier release identified one arrested suspect as Trey Morton.


On Jan. 27 police were dispatched to 112 Front St. regarding a domestic dispute. One of the parties involved, Thomas Boner, was found to have a warrant for Failure to Appear on criminal charges of drug abuse and drug paraphernalia. He was arrested and transported to Darke County Jail.

On Jan. 27 police were dispatched to 111 Windermere Dr. regarding a warrant for Failure to Appear for a Pre-Trial on OVI, drug abuse and open container. Robert Gray was arrested and transported to the Darke County Jail.

On Jan. 9 police were informed of a Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) warrant for Derek Burton. DCSO advised it had been issued but not yet entered into the system. Burton was observed in a vehicle with Shannon Forsythe. Police followed the vehicle to Family Dollar where Burton was requested to exit the vehicle. When asked, he advised he had a syringe in his upper right coat pocket. The syringe was taken as property; Burton will be charged with possession of drug abuse instruments.


On Jan. 24 police were dispatched to Hot Rods & Harleys, 1240 Russ Road, regarding a customer who was being disorderly and refusing to leave. She was verbally abusive to the owner. Police identified Sarah Fleming and asked her to step outside. She refused and asked the officer if he had a backup. Fleming was advised again to leave or she would be arrested for trespass. She refused. When Fleming was advised she was under arrest she asked again if the officer had a backup. Fleming then began resisting attempts to handcuff her. A second officer arrived; she was cuffed and taken to the Darke County Jail and charged with criminal trespass.

On Jan. 21 police responded to a residence regarding a trespass complaint. Police found the suspect, Todd Vaughn, at 113 Chestnut St. He denied being at the residence at first, then admitted to going there to retrieve personal belongings. Since Vaughn had already been warned once about trespassing at that location, he was issued a citation for trespass.


On Jan. 24 police were dispatched to Trent Auto Parts, 201 S. Ohio St. regarding catalytic converters stolen from multiple junk vehicles. The vehicles are surrounded by a privacy fence and there doesn’t appear to be forced entry. No suspects at this time.

On Jan. 21 police responded to a theft call at 503 E. Third St. A mattress and box springs had been leaning against a wall in a common hallway. The mattress had been stolen but the box springs left behind. No suspects.

On Jan. 14 police responded to a call from Ace Hardware, 1241 Russ Road. The owner said he had received information a DeWalt drill had been stolen from his store and pawned at a pawn shop in Dayton. A criminal investigation has been initiated.

On Jan. 13 police responded to a theft complaint at Warren Electric Service LLC, 1315 Kitchenaid Way. The owner, Stephen Warren, said his company is the electrical contractor at the Village Green construction site. On Dec. 9 he had 12,000 ft. of fire alarm cable and several power tools at the site. On Jan. 13 he discovered the cable and several of the power tools were gone. Two witnesses said they saw a vehicle Warren believed belonged to a former employee. No more at this time.


The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.


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