Jan 12, 2014

2014 county appropriations exceed revenues

GREENVILLE – Darke County Auditor Carol Ginn presented the 2014 budget to Darke County Commissioners on Jan. 8. The General Fund Appropriations came to $17,192,224.60, an increase of $972,943.20 over 2013. Total appropriations, including funding from outside the county, was $55,165,766.24.

The estimated revenue for the county’s general fund is $13,487,232.58. This reflects an increase in revenue from 2013 of $238,118.01. Appropriations exceed revenues by $3,704,999.02. The difference is covered by a carry-over increase in unencumbered funds of the same amount.

Ginn said they’ve always appropriated the full amount but didn’t spend it, thanks to due diligence on the part of the commissioners.

She added the unencumbered carry-over balance in 2008 was only $890,000.

She acknowledged part of the 2014 unencumbered money is likely what the commissioners will be using for Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer’s increased budget.


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