Dec 16, 2013

Trittschuh gets two years for multiple felonies

GREENVILLE – Daniel L. Trittschuh was sentenced on Dec. 16 to two years in prison for a total of 10 felonies, ranging from F3 to F5. All charges were based upon one series of events. They included four counts of forgery (F5), two counts of grand theft (F4), one count of complicity to theft (F5), two counts of trafficking in drugs (F5) and one count of burglary (F3).

Hein noted the defendant’s history of drug use: marijuana at age 10, cocaine at 12, meth at 15, heroin at 12 as well as prescription drug and alcohol abuse. Trittschuh is 27 years old.

Assistant Prosecutor Deborah Quigley told the court this technically was his first felony as he had no prior convictions. Noting Trittschuh’s history with drug issues, she said the state would not have a problem with the MonDay program.

Defense attorney David Rohrer said his client has a major drug issue to deal with.

“I believe he would benefit from the MonDay program,” he said. “All these felonies have to do with a drug abuse problem.”

The defendant asked if the judge would consider putting him on house arrest, then asked if he would be released once he completed the MonDay program. He noted his co-defendants received probation.

“Those circumstances were different,” Hein said. The state defined risk to reoffend, due primarily to drugs, was high. “In this case community control is not sufficient,” Hein added, noting the need to protect the public. He also said MonDay does not seem to be an option due to a pending case in Miami County.

In addition to the two years prison, Trittschuh was ordered to pay $2,650 restitution to the victims and an agreed upon $500 to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office and Greenville Police for “buy” money and lab fees. He will also have a six month license suspension upon release.

According to Quigley, Trittschuh accepted the plea in return for the state dropping additional charges.


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