Dec 1, 2013

South staff pucker up for pug kisses

GREENVILLE – “I had a secret weapon, but it didn’t work,” said Roberta Ditty, custodian at South School. “I smeared a piece of ham on my lips.”

Harley the Pug didn’t get the taste right away, but when she did… “Lisa Byram got the licks. Harley was all tongue!

“Actually, it worked better than I planned,” she said. “It just didn’t work for me.”

Harley is the pug that got kissed by seven South School staff members when students and staff met their fundraising goal of $200 for Breast Cancer Awareness. The event was held in the South School cafeteria Nov. 25.

Jen Schatz, who organized the event, said the kids got to wear hats in school one day for a donation of $1. Teachers had three ‘pink and jeans’ days; cost $2 each. The kids then voted in their home rooms on the teams they wanted to Kiss the Pug.

“I was one of the lucky ones, I guess,” she added, grinning. “Or unlucky.”

The rest of the lucky – or unlucky – ones, in addition to Ditty, Schatz and Byram, were Lyndsay House, Rachel Jones, Kathy Warvel and Rhonda Schaar.

“October was Breast Cancer Awareness month,” Schatz said. “It’s something that is close to me.” She was glad the staff and students met their goal.

The campaign started out as “Kiss the Pig,” but the pig wasn’t readily available. Harley the Pug was.

“Besides, she kind of looks like a pig,” Schatz added.

The winning – or losing – team, voted on by Woodland students, from left to right, are Roberta Ditty, Lyndsay House, Rachel Jones, Kathy Warvel, Jen Schatz, Rhonda Schaar and Lisa Byram.

Rachel Jones puckers up for a smacker from Harley the Pug, as Jen Schatz and South School Principal Rhonda Schaar look on. Kathy Warvel is holding Harley.


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