Dec 16, 2013

Houdeshell gets MonDay, community sanctions


GREENVILLE  Darke County Common Pleas Judge Jonathan Hein sentenced Bryan A. Houdeshell on Dec. 16 to Community Sanctions, including the MonDay Program, for two counts of Felony 3 Burglary.

Darke County Prosecutor Kelly Ormsby asked for a year in prison; acknowledging the defendant has a drug problem. Hein noted the defendant had started with marijuana at 13, went to cocaine at 15, prescription drugs at 16 and heroin at 23.

Defense attorney David Rohrer agreed there was no doubt Houdeshell has a drug problem. He added, however, his client has never had an opportunity to benefit from a good drug treatment program.

“He doesnt have very good job skills,” Rohrer noted. “If he does a year, then comes back, it could be the same thing all over again.”

Houdeshell apologized to those affected by his actions, including to his family.

Hein turned to the defendants family, sitting behind the defense table.

“Is any of this a surprise to you?” he asked. “You have to understand not the probation officer, or the court, not the prosecutor or his attorney has as much input into his life as you do. You have a better chance to influence his life.”

Hein told them to do something about it… outside the system, then thanked them for being there. He turned to Houdeshell.

“Only you can decide to help yourself, right?” The defendant agreed.

“The last guy in here, under similar circumstances, got two years. Why shouldnt you get the same?” Hein said decisions are made every day, at some point the right decision has to be made.

“Attitude is 90 percent of the battle. Youre different than the person before you, or so I hope. Knock on wood. And you cant do it on your own. When your family tries to help dont push them away.

Hein acknowledged there is value to sending Houdeshell to prison to protect the public, but added at age 27 “lets see if you can pull it out.”

He ordered supervision for five years and successful completion of the MonDay program, 80 hours of community service, and must follow up on required mental health and substance abuse programs.

“You fail to comply you will get 24 months in prison.”

Ormsby had noted the only restitution request was for $200. Hein ordered it paid.

“Youll have a lot of chances to do some soul searching. Dont make a fool out of your chance. Make a mistake? Own it!”


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