Dec 1, 2013

Commissioners support Corynna, Awareness Day

GREENVILLE – On Nov. 20 Darke County Commissioners signed a proclamation declaring Nov. 25 Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Day. It was done on behalf of 16-year-old Corynna Strawser, who suffers from the disease. On Nov. 25 staff and commissioners wore Courage for Corynna T-shirts in her honor.

Nearly all business on Nov. 25 involved Fund Transfers, approving payment vouchers and one expense request.

When asked about the day’s agenda, Commissioner Mike Stegall said “That’s what we do. We transfer money.”

While some transfers can be as little as five cents (to balance an account) others can be thousands of dollars to cover unanticipated expenses. The transferred funds are part of the department’s budget but need to be moved from a different line item.

A major transfer occurring in the Darke County Sheriff’s Department was $33,000 to salaries. Commissioners explained it was to cover overtime in the 911 dispatch office.

“It’s all overtime,” they said. “They lost a dispatcher. They’re working 12-hour shifts to cover the calls.”

Commissioner Mike Rhoades said they’ve been trying to fill the slot but so far no luck.

“It takes a special kind of person to handle those calls,” he noted, adding he was there once when a really tough call came in.

Darke County Commissioners and staff donned Courage for Corynna T-shirts in the young girl’s honor. Left to right: Robin Blinn, Mike Stegall, Diane Delaplane, Mike Rhoades and Patty Harter.


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