Nov 18, 2013

House arrest, sanctions for repeat probation violations

GREENVILLE – Charles Robbins, a convicted rapist in Miami County, is required to register with the sheriff where he lives, in this case Darke County. He pleaded guilty to four counts of probation violations in Darke County Common Pleas Court on Nov. 18. Robbins was charged with Failure to Notify, a Felony 1 violation.

He had been arrested on a warrant during the recent sweep of registered sex offenders conducted by numerous local law enforcement agencies. The sweep took place on Oct. 23 and involved 11 teams and 30 officers.

Judge Jonathan Hein said he was back in court following being sentenced to probation on June 17 for Failure to Notify. Robbins’ probation officer, John Tabler, noted several violations, including failure to report.

Darke County Asst. Prosecutor Deborah Quigley told the judge the defendant had appeared to be complying prior to sentencing.

“After sentencing he fell off the map,” she said. “The state recommends an additional 30 days so that hopefully he’ll recognize he’s being given another chance.”

The defendant’s attorney, Randall Breaden, requested the sanctions stay in place, adding his client acknowledges his mistake, but hopes to be able to work on a higher education degree, possibly at Wright State.

Hein asked Robbins a series of questions regarding his physical and mental state. When Robbins said his mental state was fine but he had a shoulder that hurt, Hein asked how bad.

“I can’t grip a can of pop right now.”

“Is your hand strong enough to use a telephone?”

“With my left hand,” came the answer.

“Then obviously you didn’t report because you didn’t want to. Are you lazy?” Hein noted he had received the letter about college. “It was a nice letter,” he said, “but that’s all it is, a nice letter…

“It’s pretty hard not to report… I don’t buy that garbage, especially from you.”

Hein said the 87 days Robbins had already spent in jail didn’t do anything; adding however the 27 days he’d just spent in jail was enough for right now.

“I’m giving you up to 60 months of Community Control plus court costs.” Hein said the defendant will also have 30 days of electronic house arrest.

“Mr. Tabler can recommend more,” he added.


Anonymous said...

Charles Robbins has been in and out of the Good Samaritan House sponsored by John Graham. Obviously, not everything that Graham has tried to impress us about his program and residential care works. Keep an eye on what is happening and who is living at Good Samaritan House on East Third Street. Not everything is as wonderful as Graham leads us to believe.

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