Nov 21, 2013

Graves’ works at Anna Bier Gallery

GREENVILLE – The Anna Bier Art gallery, located on the second floor of Memorial Hall, will feature artist Rebecca Graves, of Springfield, from Dec. 7–21. The gallery is open on Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. This exhibit is sponsored by Greenville Federal. The gallery would like to thank Greenville Federal for doing so. For more information about the gallery or the artist contact Weidner at 417-3497.

Graves is an award winning artist born in Dayton in 1958 and was a graduate of Richmond High School in Indiana.

She has resided in Springfield since 1977. For 20 years she ran an arts and crafts business. She began painting seriously in 2006 when she returned to Wittenberg University in pursuit of a BFA and to study psychology. Among her many interests are family, gardening, cooking, music, and interior decorating. Her work is included in Wittenberg University’s permanent collection and photos of her work have appeared in the Dayton Daily News and the Richmond Palladium-Item.

As an artist, Graves is captivated with the idea of being a magician. She creates illusions that make the viewer think they are looking at a glass, a flower, a pitcher, or a bowl when they are actually just looking at canvas with paint on it. She strives to portray an illusion of objects being in your space and not just politely perched in the distance. She enjoys the challenge to create the illusion of texture and space using line, color, and the sense of conquest she gets from accomplishing the successful illusion of any object.

Rebecca’s oil paintings are a visual version of “take time to smell the roses,” and encourage viewers to look at their world in a fresh way. Her paintings often seem to be a story waiting to be told and the familiarity of items within her compositions often evoke memories and emotions from the viewers own lives. Casualness in the arrangement of objects gives the sense of coming across the scene in one’s own environment. She paints contemporary still lifes in a traditional style, and paints up close to capture patterns and details not easily seen from a distance. Many of her works include studies of the complex subject of reflection and refraction in glass and metal. It is her desire for viewers to have her sense of awe when looking into a pitcher or through a glass of water and by doing so, finding a visual delight of pattern and color.

Her surreal portraits and sculptures are another form of storytelling in the style of Magritte and Dali. Rebecca paints to show who the person is, not what they look like, as she reflects on what she knows about the people she is portraying. There is a physical resemblance and every detail expresses something about their personalities and/or passions.

Jeff Kniese, president of Greenville Federal, presents a check to Marcia Weidner, Anna Bier Art Gallery director. 


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