Nov 25, 2013

American Bittern release

GREENVILLE - On Oct. 16, the Nature Center at Shawnee Prairie received a call from a concerned Greenville citizen about a large bird that was injured in a flower bed. Naturalist staff members were able to capture the bird and were very surprised to find that it was an American Bittern. It was immediately evident that this bird was in the wrong habitat and that it was injured. The bird was transported to Brukner Nature Center’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Unit. The staff at Brukner Nature Center determined that the Bittern had a fractured wing. Fortunately, they were able to repair the fracture and prepare the bird to be released back into the wild.

The American Bittern returned to Darke County on Nov. 14 and was successfully released at Chestnut Street Marsh. Senior Naturalist, Robb Clifford, stated, “The American Bittern is rare and endangered wetland heron. These wading birds are very elusive and difficult to see thanks to their fantastic camouflage and hiding abilities. Hearing one is special; seeing one is phenomenal. I’m very grateful for the citizens who called about this injured bird and didn’t turn a blind eye to a bird who was clearly in the wrong habitat and injured. Thankfully, this all turned out good and this Bittern is heading south for the winter.”

If you see an injured animal, feel free to contact the Darke County Parks’ Office at 937.548.0165. The staff is available to help direct you to the proper action (or non-action) required.


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