Oct 26, 2013

Darke County Park District on ballot

GREENVILLE - Have you explored any of the twelve Darke County Parks? Or, perhaps your community park has been the recipient of playground equipment, recreational equipment or general upgrades through the Darke County Community Park Improvement Grants. Your great Darke County Park system helps make your community outstanding!

On Nov. 5, the only countywide issue on the ballot will be the ½ mill Replacement Levy for the Darke County Park District. With passage of this levy, the Darke County Park District will receive ½ mill at today’s valuations to be able to better maintain and update facilities, equipment and programming needs for 10 years, starting in 2015. Also, with passage, funding for the Community Park Improvements Grant program will be increased. Since its inception 19 years ago, over $650,000 has been awarded through grants to the local village and Greenville City park, through grant application. All 21 villages and city can apply. Everyone benefits.

The mission of the Darke County Park District is to acquire and preserve land areas possessing special natural and historical features and to manage and maintain these resources for the benefit of its residents through appropriate educational and passive recreational programs and activities. Since 1972 when the Park District was created, all park area lands have been donated to the Darke County Park District.

The original ½ mill levy was passed in 1994 and renewed at ½ mill in 2003. A replacement levy continues a current millage, but at the current tax valuation. It is not a “new” tax but a recalculation of the old tax rate at the current valuation. For the owner of a $100,000 home , with passage of this levy and the changes at the State, you will pay $17.50, for the year. If you qualify for the homestead exemption, you would pay $15.31 for the year.

Good parks raise property values and encourage economic development and tourism. Keep our great park system truly a part of our outstanding community!

The Citizens for Darke County Parks group working for passage of the levy encourages you to vote on Nov. 5.


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