Sep 25, 2013

Tedore gets 3 years, remanded to custody

GREENVILLE – Tiara C. Tedore left the courtroom in tears to await transport to the Darke County Jail. She will then be transported to a state prison for women to serve three years on three felony counts of burglary.

Tedore had pleaded guilty to all three counts but had requested incarceration be delayed due to recovery from giving a recent birth by C-section. Her attorney, Paul Wagner, presented a letter from her pediatrician advising a 6-week delay for medical reasons.

Darke County Common Pleas Judge Jonathan Hein disagreed.

“You will get good health care in the system,” Hein said. Then noting her history in both Common Pleas and Municipal courts added, “It’s clear you don’t have the ability to control yourself.”

Tedore pleaded guilty to a Felony 2 count and two Felony 3 counts carrying a possible combined 14 years in prison. The state agreed to recommend three years for each count, served concurrently. The state also agreed not to pursue additional punishment due to Tedore being on parole at the time the offenses were committed. In return Tedore has agreed to cooperate with the state and testify concerning other parties about crimes within her knowledge.

Prosecuting Attorney R. Kelly Ormsby had earlier agreed to recommend incarceration be delayed for two weeks; however made no comment on the request for six weeks. In addition, Ormsby said one victim was asking for restitution in the amount of $570 to cover insurance deductible on items stolen and the retrieval of an item from a pawn shop.

Hein awarded the $570 restitution. He also noted Tedore would be responsible for medical and other expenses while in prison. “If you don’t have the money to pay these expenses, they can be paid through community service.”

One final point in the plea agreement between Tedore and the state… “If the defendant applies for judicial release, the state will not object as long as two years of her sentence has been served.”

“Judicial release is a function of what you do,” Hein told Tedore. “You can go to prison and do nothing. Or you can go to prison and do better… at a minimum you won’t be out running around stealing from people to get drugs.”


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