Sep 23, 2013

Identity of veterans sought

By Lyn Bliss, 
Senior Scribe
GREENVILLE — The Genealogy Library of Garst Museum recently obtained a picture with the following notation written across the bottom, “Decoration Day at North Star on May 27, 1917. Photo [the rest cannot be seen]”

Shown in the picture are primarily Civil War Veterans along with at least two World War One Veterans. One of the First World War Veterans is at the left in the back row and is believed to be William George. The flag is being held by Edward Hess. The identity of all of the other veterans in the picture is unknown.

According to Crick, the picture was displayed recently during the Gathering at Garst in conjunction with the Civil War reenactments that took place.

Crick has asked anyone who might have information regarding the identity of the veterans shown in the picture to please contact her at Garst Museum Genealogy Library by calling 548-5250 or at home, 548-2586.
Decoration Day at North Star on May 27, 1917.


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