Sep 28, 2013

Identity of South School students

GREENVILLE – The Genealogy Library of Garst Museum recently obtained a picture from Georgeanna Bailey. Bailey said the picture was taken at South School when her mother was a student there. Bailey’s mother was Vergie Hanson (nee Overholser) who was married in 1931 and had her 100th birthday in 2008.

The identity of none of the students is known. It is also unknown which student is Vergie Overholser. The picture is thought to be taken sometime in the 1920s.

Director of Genealogy at Garst Museum, Phyllis Crick, has asked anyone who might have information regarding the identity of any of the students shown in the picture, or when the picture was taken, to please contact her at Garst Museum Genealogy Library by calling 548-5250 or at home, 548-2586.

The Genealogy Library at Garst Museum is looking for the identity of these South School students in the early 1900s.


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