Sep 27, 2013

Greenville Police Beat

Check fraud, burglary and shoplifting keep officers busy

GREENVILLE - On Sept. 16 police were dispatched to Second National Bank on South Broadway regarding two males attempting to cash fraudulent checks. A white male suspect attempted to cash a check from Bolyard Heating & Cooling for $1,352.94. His Ohio Operator’s License identified him as Gary Burnett from Circleville. The change (94 cents) had been given to him when a cashier decided to call Bolyard and verify the check. Burnett left the bank on foot. The second suspect, identified with a Michigan Operator’s License as Jon Morris. Morris attempted to cash a check from Bolyard for $1,265.25. It was refused and Morris left the bank. Morris was found a half block from the bank; said he didn’t know Burnett. Morris first said the check was for his retirement, then told police two guys picked him up in Columbus and said they would give him some of the money if he would cash the check for them. He was arrested for forgery. During a search a green leafy substance was found that tested positive for marijuana. The case will be submitted to the Darke County Prosecutors Office. Burnett was not found.

On Sept. 18 police were dispatched to Greenville Police Department regarding a complaint from Scott Hoggat. Hoggat said an employee at Farmer’s State Bank, 1107 Sweitzer St., contacted him and advised Gary Burnett cashed a check at their bank for the sum of $1,265.25. It belonged to Hoggat’s company, HTG & Air Inc. Hoggat was advised Burnett had cashed checks at two other Farmer’s banks; 675 Wagner and in New Madison. The bank gave Hoggat copies of the Ohio ID used by Burnett and the check cashed. Hoggat told police the check doesn’t look like the ones he uses and he has never met or heard of the suspect before. The additional locations were closed and had not been followed up at the time of this report.

On Sept. 18 police were dispatched to 623 Walnut regarding the theft of some checks. Heather Dearing called the complaint on behalf of her husband Steven Dearing. Dearing said a girl known only as “Liz” came over occasionally to use the phone or computer. This time the desk had some checks and other financial documents. Liz asked Heather to watch her kid for a few minutes while she went to the store. When Liz was returned for her kid the store manager at K-Mart called advising someone used a check belonging to Steven to make a purchase earlier, then returned later to try to return the property. Liz left. The store manager described “Liz.” She attempted to return a Nintendo worth $214.49 with an “elderly guy.” Heather said Liz hangs out with a Timothy Bell. Bell said he knew Liz but not her last name, that she lived in Apt. 13 downstairs. He acknowledged unwittingly helping her at K-Mart. Liz was eventually identified as Elizabeth Whitley who at first denied committing the act, then acknowledging it to another officer. This was later verified through a video. When police returned to issue a citation for falsification police discovered she had been evicted. The report will be sent to the prosecutor’s office for possible felony theft charges.

On Sept. 23 Robin Bates entered CVS Pharmacy, went to the pharmacy department and waited for a prescription. After getting the prescription, Bates took a box of Mucinex from a shelf and went to the checkout stand and tried to return it for cash. When the cashier refused Bates left the store with the Mucinex without paying for it. Police were called. The officer went to Bates’ residence and asked about the incident. She admitted stealing it and said she was sorry. The item was returned unopened to the store and Bates was issued a first degree misdemeanor citation for theft.

On Sept. 20 police responded to a call at 125 Sater St. regarding theft from a vehicle. The victim, Neal Huffman, stated a battery charger had been taken from a Ford truck and a radio from a Honda. Neither vehicle was locked.

On Sept. 19 police were dispatched to 108 Meadow Lane regarding a burglary. Larry Fitzwater advised his wife went to bed at 10 p.m. the night before. When he got up he noticed his 55” LG TV was missing. $6.50 in cash had also been taken. One door to an unlocked room had been left open to help circulate air. Nothing further at this time.

On Sept. 17 police were dispatched to 424 W. Main St., Apt. 1, regarding a burglary. Tracy Flynn said she had gone to her mother’s house and on her return saw her TV was gone, along with her cell phone. She then noticed her window air conditioner was upside down and pieces of it were on the floor. Flynn noted a person who might have taken her phone but when police talked with the individual about it she said Flynn allowed her to borrow it on occasion and that she was about to return it. Police returned the phone to the victim. Flynn said she had not given her permission to borrow it this time. The individual did not have the missing TV. Nothing further at this time.


On Sept. 19 police were dispatched to the Darke County Courthouse on an arrest warrant for Daniel Griggs. He had missed a court appearance and a street warrant issued. Griggs was arrested and transported to Darke County Jail.


On Sept. 21 police were dispatched East Water Street regarding an argument at 110 1/2 E. Water St. William Miller was reportedly arguing with his girlfriend and became upset when she wouldn’t let him inside their apartment. The witness also said he felt threatened by Miller at one point. The suspect reportedly had left and returned multiple times during the evening, and arrived once more while police were there. Miller said he’d been staying with the girlfriend “about a month or so.” A search through LEADS noted a protection order against him by his girlfriend. Miller was arrested on a CPO violation.


On Sept. 18 police were dispatch to Wayne Emergency Room regarding a male patient with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Anthony Deubner stated he was beginning to clean the Smith & Wesson M&p 40 Cal. Handgun when the slide slipped forward and fired one round. The single round went through his upper right foot, ricocheted off the floor and entered a bedroom wall. When he noticed the extent of the injury he drove himself to Wayne ER. The gun had been borrowed from his friend, Tony Banedo, due to concern over threats he and his girlfriend had reportedly received from a motorcycle gang. After receiving the required permissions and completing required searches, the handgun, case, magazines, ammunition and holster were taken as property and transported to the Greenville Police Department. Deubner was issued a citation for discharging a firearm while in the city limits.


The Greenville Police Beat is prepared from public records available at the Greenville Police Department. Every effort is made to balance the public’s right to know with the rights of the individuals involved. Readers are encouraged to contact Greenville Police if they have information or concerns regarding these or any other incidents they see. The Early Bird notes all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and welcomes comments and concerns regarding this community service.


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