Jul 21, 2013

Deputies and dispatchers honored by Sheriff’s Dept.

GREENVILLE – The Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer recognized and honored over 30 members of his staff during a special ceremony on July 17. Spencer apologized to many of the award recipients for the tardiness in giving out the awards, but noted his neglect led to an opportunity for the entire department and their families to come together for the special celebration. Nearly all deputies, dispatchers, detectives and some Sheriff’s Patrol members were in attendance.

Spencer stated, “Not a day goes by that all of you shouldn’t be recognized for the job you do.” He also recognized the spouses of deputies saying, “It takes a special person to be a spouse to someone in this profession.”

Melissa Hawes, 911 coordinator, presented special awards to two dispatchers.

Christine Lennon was recognized for her role in saving the life of Andrew Lyons. On July 28, 2011, Lennon was off duty at the pool in Versailles. She noticed a lifeguard had jumped into the pool and was bringing a young boy to the surface. She jumped into action and immediately began administering CPR until EMS crews arrived. To help celebrate the award, Andrew and his family were on-hand to give a thank you and flowers to Lennon for heroic actions. Andrew’s mom said, “We can’t be grateful enough.”

Beverly Withrow was also recognized for her role in saving the life of a young boy, Miles Garber. When Withrow received the call, Miles had been pulled from the pond and was already gray. None of his rescuers knew CPR. Withrow stayed calm and gave instructions. She stayed on the phone with the family for 11 minutes until EMS arrived. Miles is now a healthy young boy with no repercussions. Miles and his family also attended the event to thank Withrow. This was her first opportunity to meet Miles and his family.

Withrow also learned the person she gave instruction to on that day had to put the CPR skills she learned into action a year later on her own son. The one phone call made to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center saved the lives of two young boys.

Several Sheriff’s deputies were also honored for their work. Capt. Bruner recognized Steve Cox for his role in saving the life of Corrections Officer Jeremy Bohn. On Aug. 14, 2008, Bohn was stung by a bee while working with Cox on a farm. When Bohn began feeling ill, Cox rushed him to his father’s house. By the time they reached the house, Bohn was unresponsive. He was pulled from the car and Cox worked to keep his airway open until EMS arrived.

Chief Deputy Mark Whittaker recognized several jailers for their role in saving the life of an inmate. Corporal Kiser, and Correction Officers Bohn, Henninger and Trissel responded to the banging an inmate was making on Dec. 3, 2008 when they discovered in the next cell an inmate attempting suicide. The inmate had put a noose over his neck and tied the other end to the door. When deputies tried to open the door it would tighten the noose. The quick thinking of deputies sent one to the kitchen to grab a knife. With only a small opening in the door, deputies were able to cut the rope and save the inmate’s life. Without the quick thinking and action taken by the deputies, Darke County would have had its first death in the current jail facility.

Detective Sergeant Mike Burns recognized Detective David Hawes for his work on a sexual molestation case in 2010-2011. Hawes had little experience, but was given the case of man who had molested his seven and 10-year old step nieces. Hawes worked feverishly on the case and within a couple of weeks had a confession from the suspect. Although the suspect pleaded not guilty, the evidence was more than enough for a guilty verdict. The suspect appealed the ruling stating he did not receive his Miranda Rights and the information obtained during the interview should not be admitted. The Appeals Court upheld the conviction and a note was sent back with the ruling recognizing Hawes for his work stating, “This was textbook.”

Captain Randy Linkous recognized Deputy Garbig for his work with local schools and students after the Sandy Hook tragedy. Capt. Linkous asked his deputies to patrol around the schools and stop in to walk the halls. Deputy Garbig went above and beyond the call of duty. He would eat lunch and talk with the students. A letter from Wendy Black at one of the schools noted Garbig had spent extra time with two students who were afraid of law officers because of their home life. He was able to gain their trust.

Several deputies, dispatchers and Sheriff’s Patrol members were recognized for their role in apprehending a fugitive that had barricaded himself in a home in Gettysburg on April 20, 2013. Eric Hanes received special recognition for taking the role of Officer in Charge. Because there was a possibility the subject was armed additional forces were brought in. A call was made to off duty deputies and the Sheriff’s Patrol and many of them came in to either help at the scene or patrol the county. Because of the leadership of Hanes and the role every officer and dispatcher played in the event the suspect was apprehended without harm to any officer.

Sheriff Spencer stated he has wanted to get his department together in a social setting for a long time. He hopes to make this an annual event.

Life Saving Awards

Dispatcher Bev Withrow
Dispatcher Christina Lennon
Cpl. Mark Kiser
C.O. Alisa Henninger
C.O. Jeremy Bohn
C.O. Stacy Trissel
Deputy Steve Cox

Sheriff's Certificate of Merit

Deputy Eric Hanes

Sheriff's Commendation Award

Detective David Hawes (2)
Deputy Mark Garbig
Dispatcher Shayne Scantland
Dispatcher Bev Withrow
911 Coordinator Melissa Hawes
Deputy Rachael Kuzmicki
Deputy Doug Didier
Deputy Gery Armstrong (Auxiliary/Volunteer)
Deputy Greg Armstrong (Auxiliary/Volunteer)
Deputy Stephen Quigney (Auxiliary/Volunteer)
Capt. Randy Linkous
Capt. Ted Bruner
Sgt. Shawn Trissel
Det. Sgt. Mike Burns
Det. Rodney Baker
Det. Cory Turner
Deputy Steve Cox
Deputy Jay Pearson
Deputy Barry Blanton (Auxiliary/Volunteer)
Deputy Jeff Brocious (Auxiliary/Volunteer)
Deputy Eric Cook (Auxiliary/Volunteer)
Deputy Justin Jordan (Auxiliary/Volunteer)
Deputy Fred Slade (Auxiliary/Volunteer)

Christina Lennon receives flowers from Andrew Lyons. Andrew nearly drowned at the pool in Versailles. Lennon performed CPR until rescue crews arrived.

Beverly Withrow met Miles Garbig for the first time during the Darke County Sheriff Office’s awards ceremony. She gave CPR instructions after Miles was pulled from a pond. He wasn’t breathing and had turned gray.


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