Jul 23, 2013

Beseckers have Garden of the Month

ARCANUM – The Arcanum Garden Club has awarded Karen and Ron Besecker on Kilbourn Road as the June Garden of the Month. The Beseckers built their home in 1969 and have been gardening every since.

Karen said the first year they were in their home the shrubs were so small that she planted flowers all around the house; in the process she lost her diamond from her wedding ring in the soil. She spent a good amount of time sifting dirt through a strainer looking for it, but never did find it.

Karen was a city girl and Ron grew up on a farm. Karen’s parents always planted flowers and had a vegetable garden and of course Ron’s parents did a lot of gardening in a big way. Karen said the flowers are her little bit of paradise and refuge, and since Ron loves to eat – the vegetable garden in his domain.

There is something blooming in their garden from spring to November. In the spring the show begins with daffodils, hyacinth, creeping phlox and candy tuff along with the flowering trees, including weeping cherry, crabapple, and star magnolia. The lilacs, peonies, irises, purple salvia and dianthus highlight the late spring bloom. The couple always looks forward to June when the climbing roses start to bloom as well as the old fashioned bush roses, the John Davis roses and the Knockouts. Karen likes the Canadian hard variety of roses. She has prograted all of her roses from cuttings. The clematis and other early blooming perennials accompany the roses.

Ron’s vegetable garden is well underway by June with green beans, corn, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, squash, onions, beets, green peppers, potatoes and other veggies. They also have strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb that come up every year.

By the 4th of July the gardens are in full swing with a blaze of color from nearly 100 daylilies, butterfly bushes, and other perennials as well as annuals tucked in here and there. Two of Ron and Karen’s favorite trees are the little leaf Linden which has very small flowers that give off a wonderful aroma that attracts lots of bees, and the tri color Beech which looks like it is blooming but it is the leaves that are colored pink, green and white.

The fall garden consists of autumn joy sedums, mums and of course the annuals. There is also a small pond tucked in by the sunroom with water lilies in it. They also have an assortment of herbs stuck amongst the flowers that Karen likes to use for culinary purposes.

Ron and Karen share the garden chores. He does the edging and the mowing and Karen does the deadheading and planting. They both divide and relocate plants, and do the weeding. In the summer it takes lots of watering and irrigation hose in the beds and around the house and patio helps.

The Beseckers admit that it is hard work but they wouldn’t know what to do without all of the beauty in their back yard. When they look at the view from the sunroom they see a “little bit of heaven” right here on earth. They raised four children in their home and now have 11 grandchildren. When the grandchildren were younger they loved to play in the gardens. The couple’s oldest granddaughter, Larissa, spent a lot of time enjoying the flowers and all the butterflies. Her favorite flowers were Johnny Jump Ups. It was heartbreaking for everyone when they lost Larissa to brain cancer at the age of 11. The garden is a memorial to her and all the memories associated with their time spent together in the gardens.

Karen and Ron Besecker accepted the Garden of the Month award from the Arcanum Garden Club.


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