Jun 16, 2013

State of the Heart to open unit at Wayne HealthCare in July

GREENVILLE – Already considered by many as one of the best Hospice units in the country, State of the Heart Hospice is taking another step to ensure its patients receive the best care and services possible. On July 1, the organization will open its Hospice Unit at Wayne HealthCare.

The unit is perfect for patients on a ventilator, IV therapy, or need transfusions. The unit will also be used by patients requiring a short stay to better manage symptoms of their condition. Once they have improved, they can return home. They expect the average stay to be four to five days. Until now, Hospice patients would have to go to Dayton for this type of service. This unit becomes the only unit in the six counties State of the Heart serves.

Although the unit is located on the fourth floor of Wayne HealthCare, it is completely separate from the hospital. State of the Heart provides the staff and care with nurses on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hospital has agreed to provide food, cleaning and laundry services.

State of the Heart has taken great strides in trying to make the unit feel more like home. The furniture and pictures in each of the five patient rooms may be more like what a person would find in their own home. The earth tone color pattern throughout the unit provides a peaceful feeling for patients and their visitors. Plus, family members are welcome to stay with the patient as the couches and chairs in each of the rooms can be turned into beds. Patients are also welcome to bring their pets with them.

The unit also features a separate room for visitors that includes a refrigerator, microwave, shower, television and a play area for small children. The couch in this room can also be turned into a bed.

The staff will also have their own lounge, which can double as a private conference area for consultations with family members.

Mindy Stebbins, director of marketing and public relations, became well aware of the need for this type of facility recently. She came across a young mother that could have benefited greatly from additional time with her children instead of being in a hospital room.

Amy Huecker is excited about the opportunity to work in the Hospice Unit. She received her registered nursing degree from Edison in December, but has been an employee with State of the Heart for 10-years. Prior to receiving her degree, Huecker worked as a medical secretary and witnessed the testimonials families would give to the nurses. “I wanted to be a part of it,” she said. Although she is a new nurse with minimum experience, Ted Bauer, executive director of State of the Heart, insisted Huecker be part of the unit.

“State of the Heart Hospice has been providing care to area patients for more than 30 years,” stated Bauer. “Many hospices have an inpatient unit, and we have realized for some time that it is something really needed in our community.”

State of the Heart, with offices in Greenville, Coldwater and Portland, cares for patients and families in eastern Indiana and western Ohio who are confronting a life-limiting illness. “The unit at Wayne HealthCare would be available for patients in our entire service area,” Bauer added. While hospice care focuses on keeping patients at home where they are most comfortable, individual cases sometimes call for an inpatient setting.

Rooms in the Hospice Unit have furniture patients might find at home and chairs and couches that turn into beds for guests that want to spend the night. (Ryan Berry photo)

The lobby and nurses station of the State of the Heart Hospice Unit uses earth tones to help create a peaceful environment. The unit will be staffed by State of the Heart 24-hours a day, seven days a week. (Ryan Berry photo)


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