Jun 16, 2013

Kids are the Future

GREENVILLE – “What’s First Friday?”

“It’s a Friday evening event where businesses stay open late. There’s entertainment. Lots of people come out for it on the first Friday of every month.”

“Oh. Okay. Well, we’re just hanging out.”

Rain Richardson and Jenna Capstick were working on a project. There were several different sheets with drawings and slogans on them.

“Kids are the Future. You are the World” and more.

The girls said they have formed a group called “The Givers” and they will be visiting sick children in hospitals to give them encouragement and hope. One of the slogans was “We Can Beat Cancer.”

“Our friend’s sister works with sick kids. She’s going to help us visit them,” said Rain.

She added the sister volunteers at different hospitals. They hadn’t gone to any yet but they were getting ready to do it over the summer. They planned on making their first stop Childrens Hospital in Dayton.

“We’re still working stuff out,” Rain said. They decided to do this the day before the last day of school. They started working on it the same day.

“Together the Weak are Strong.” The slogans were many. They were messages Rain said they wanted to share with the other kids. Children who were sick.

There were five of them working on the project. The other three are: Tiffany Strobel, Alyssa York and Skyler Sierra.

“By the way, why are you asking all these questions?”

Covering First Friday for the Early Bird.

“Oh. Cool!”
Rain Richardson (left) and Jenna Capstick work on their plans to visit children in hospitals. They call their group “The Givers.” 


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