Apr 29, 2013

French speaks to Republican women

GREENVILLE – Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French was the featured speaker at the regular meeting of the Darke County Republican Women’s Club (DCRWC). French was appointed as the 155th Ohio Supreme Court justice by Governor John Kasich on Dec. 20, 2012. She was appointed to begin serving the unexpired term of Justice Evelyn Stratton and began serving Ohio on Jan. 1.

French spoke about some of the experiences during the appointment process and said this is a great time for women in the legal/court system, particularly with this being the first time the Chief Justice of Ohio has been a woman.

“The beauty of the building literally brought tears to my eyes, the first day I entered,” explained French. She noted that information is provided regarding the court, the judicial system, and the education center on the web at http://www.courtnewsohio.gov/. Proceedings of recent cases of interest are archived there. Additionally, the court proceedings may be watched on line live on the Ohio Channel.

French detailed the procedure followed by the court from receipt of a case through issuing its final decision. There are over 1,000 cases submitted annually and they issue 100-120 opinions a year, with 30-50-percent being criminal. The cases they decide to hear are “of great public interest” with cases being prioritized by those involving decisions that conflict between other Ohio courts.

French took numerous questions from the audience following her presentation.

DCRWC will hold its next regularly meeting at 6:30 p.m., May 13, at the St. Clair Mansion. The program will feature Ohio Federation of Republican Women’s Club President Jean Turner and some very special surprise entertainment.

Dinner is available by prior reservation, at a cost of $8 per person (50-cents of which goes to the Caring for America Project, “Honor Flight”. Anyone wishing to join the group at 6:30 p.m. for dinner, may place reservations by calling or emailing Wavelene Denniston, 547-6477 or DCRWRervations@darkegop.org, before noon on May 9. Reservations placed are expected to be paid. As this will be a special meeting, all attendees are expected to dine with the group.

The club is currently on a membership drive and welcomes new members interested in the Darke County community and promoting Republican leadership. Additional information may be obtained by calling President Sally Zeiter, 423-2391 or email DCRWPresident@darkegop.org

Ohio Supreme Court Judith French speaks to the Darke County Republican Women’s Club. 


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