Apr 28, 2013

Courage for Corynna seeks help for Strawser family

GREENVILLE – Family, friends and community members are rallying around Corynna Strawser and her family as the 16-year old Greenville resident faces a life-changing illness. The daughter of Sean and Kristi has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease and as the disease has progressed, her condition has worsened.

Corynna spends most of her time confined to a small bedroom surrounded by medical equipment, IV poles, oxygen machine and various other medical components. She is confined to a wheel chair as her muscles have deteriorated to the point that she can no longer navigate her own way. Her digestive system has failed and her heart and lungs have been affected. Her bone marrow is no longer producing enough new blood cells, which requires blood transfusions. She is susceptible to infections and this leads to frequent hospital stays. Because this disease is rare, it has been necessary to travel to the Cleveland Clinic and various other locations to find doctors familiar enough with the disease to provide proper care.

Corynna’s bedroom and the only bathroom in the home are located on the second floor of their small two-story home. In order to get downstairs, it is necessary for her parents to carry her down the stairs; her mother carrying her down on her back when her father is working. Kristi, a registered nurse, is unable to work because she provides 24-hour care to Corynna. The family would like to build a downstairs bedroom and bathroom, but because of the medical expenses and only one income, the finances are not available.

That is why members of the community are stepping up and working to fill the need. Mark Wolf, Greenville Fire Chief, is leading the charge to raise funds, equipment and manpower to construct a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor. They have already received many volunteers lending their time and expertise to this project, but more is needed. The Darke County community has responded to the family’s needs in the past and the Courage for Corynna Committee is once again asking for help. Anyone who would like to help with the project by donating time, expertise in various construction areas, materials or monetary assistance can call Wolf, 459-0988 or send donations to Greenville Federal, c/o Courage for Corynna or checks written to Worch Lumber, 36 N. Steffin St., Versailles, Ohio 45380.

Mitochondrial Disease is a group of disorders caused by dysfunctional mitochondria, the organelles that generate energy for the cell. Mitochondria are found in every cell of the human body, except red blood cells. Mitochondria convert the energy of food molecules into the ATP that powers most cell functions. They are critical to cell function. Defects in mitochondrial can vary greatly from person to person. It can affect multiple organs and body functions.

Light Up The Night for Corynna 

GREENVILLE – The community is invited May 10, 9 p.m., to help Light Up The Night – A Benefit for Corynna Strawser. With 400 beautiful lighted lanterns glowing on the pond at the Greenville City Park, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to join them that evening as they show their love and support to this amazing young lady.

They are asking for the community to help by purchasing the paper lanterns for $3. In kind donations of labor as well as donations of supplies are also being accepted. Please stop by Furniture Express on Wagner Avenue or American Title on Broadway to make your donation to help! Lanterns will be sold in the high school lobby from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. during the first week of May. Funds will be used to build an addition on the Strawser home; giving Corynna a downstairs bedroom and bathroom.

The event will be held at the two center ponds and anyone is welcome to come set up and light the lanterns at 8 p.m. on that date. The scheduled rain date is May 11. They plan to launch 400 lanterns for the Strawser family to show support. For more information, contact Dara Buchy at dbuchy@greenville.k12.oh.us or by calling 5484188 (career tech office).


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