Mar 30, 2013

Scentral Park opens with help from volunteers and donors

GREENVILLE – The Darke County Friends of the Shelter held its grand opening for the Scentral Park dog park on March 23. Four years ago, one member of the Friends of the Shelter brought up the idea in a monthly meeting. The idea kept reoccurring until the Friends decided to take action.

According to Bob Harshbarger, with Friends of the Shelter, personal donations began trickling in, but the organization knew it was still a long way from meeting its goal. Finally, an appeal was made to local businesses and the response was overwhelming. The cost of the project exceeded $35,000, even with the donation of land from the Darke County Commissioners.

After realizing the funds were in place to build the dog park, the Friends of the Shelter began construction in April 2012. The concrete was poured in April and the fence was installed in August. They held off opening the park prior to winter in order to install signage.

Scentral Park features two fenced in areas, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. There are also walking paths and benches in both areas. Visitors can either walk the paths while their pet runs and enjoys the wide-open space or sit back and relax while the dog plays. There is also a drinking fountain equipped for humans and dogs.

Commissioner Mike Stegall celebrated the accomplishments of the Friends of the Shelter and noted, “We were happy to donate the ground. You people made it work.”

Although the park is open, Harshbarger pointed out the organization continues to accept funds for maintenance and future enhancements for the park. “We are not done yet. We have a vision of picnic tables, trees, and a paved parking lot.”

Friends of the Shelter and local elected officials joined together to cut the ribbon on Darke County’s new dog park. (Ryan Berry photo)
Scentral Park features two areas for dogs of all sizes to run and have fun with their owners and other dogs.


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