Mar 16, 2013

Ladybug Garden Club February meeting notes

GREENVILLE—The Feb. 26 meeting of the Ladybug Garden Club was held at the Springhall facility by hostess Amy Erisman. Present were Kim Cromwell, president; Cathy Detrick, vice president; Barbara Skinner, treasurer; Amy Erisman, Irma Heiser, Lisa Marcum, Illah June Sink, Charlene Thornhill and Sherry Ward.

The color theme for the evening was inspired by the flower pink dianthus. Members and tables were adorned in this color of nature. Co-hostess Barbara Skinner provided pink themed refreshments. The poetry of the month was penned by Erisman: “Pink – the color of a warm embrace, a kiss from grandma, a baby’s face. Pink is puffy, happy and proud. Bright as the evening sun, soft as a cloud.”

The main topic was indoor plants and their benefits. Cathy Detrick gave a very informational program entitled “Breathe Easy Indoor Plants.” Indoor plants strain pollutants from houses providing fresh and pure air.

Amy Erisman provided the cultivar Sansevieria, known as Mother-In-law’s Tongue, Snake Plant or Moonshine. It is a genus of about 70 agave related species for flowering plants in the family Ruscaceae. This species is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World – Europe, Asia and Africa in the 15th century. This genus was named in honor of Raimondo di Sangro (1710-1771), the Prince of San Severo in Italy. The Sansevieria is among the most common and hardiest houseplants. Sansevieria wants minimal attention. It is resilient. Keep soil moist but do not let the plant stand in water or let the soil dry out. Never below 50 degrees. Takes low light. Fertilize every four months. The perfect placement is in an office, bathrooms, low light dining and living areas. It helps to create a healthier living environment. Purifies the air of harmful toxins. Adds humidity to room air during dry conditions.

Business discussions included spring community beautification planting projects. Illah Sink is chairperson of the Arbor Day tree planting with the Butterflies Junior Garden Club.

The Darke County Association of Garden Clubs will meet at Charlene Thornhill’s home on March 25, 7 p.m. The agenda will be OAGC Gardeners Day Out in June to be held in Darke County and The Great Darke County Fair flower shows.

Sherry Ward, Ohio Association of Garden Club Region 3 Director, announced the annual region 3 spring meeting will be held at Turtle Creek in Greenville on April 22.

The Ladybugs are planning a club “Girls Gardening Day Out on April 27 and will travel to the Amherst Greenhouse in Harrod, OH.

The next meeting, “Thriving on Sprouts” will be March 26, 7:30 p.m. at the Thornhill home. Tiffany Stebbins will be co-hostess.


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