Mar 17, 2013

DCHS fundraiser supports organization’s mission

GREENVILLE – The Darke County Humane Society (DCHS) will host its annual spaghetti supper and charity auction on March 23, at Paws Bingo Hall. The annual fundraiser helps support the mission of the humane society as described by the Ohio Revised Code, “…the object of the Humane Societies shall be the inculcation of humane principals and the enforcement of laws for the prevention of cruelty, especially to children and animals.”

Since 1953, the Humane Society has been providing an essential service to Darke County residents and animals. According to Judy Francis, DCHS Officer, “We are charged with prosecuting gross actions that cause severe pain, injury and death to animals.” While these types of cases are seen regularly in the media, but Francis believes there are other types of cruelty and neglect. “Have you ever considered cruelty or neglect to be allowing unwanted offspring of cats and dogs, which results in population control killing both legal and illegal,” she asked.

The DCHS designs programs to help reduce this abuse. In the past, the organization has promoted mobile spay/neuter events, which offers the service at a low cost. Francis has also tried to get communities involved with a trap, spay/neuter, and release program for cats with little success. Locally, the Olwine Trailer Court and Darke County Home have had success with the program.

Because the cats can no longer produce offspring, over a period of years their population declines. After the first few years, there are fewer cats to trap and the cost decreases.

DCHS cannot fund this program, but can point local governments toward grants; making the cost manageable.

The organization also operates a shelter that provides protection for abused animals. Carol Hertel, shelter director, does a very good job of leading employees and volunteers in making a home for these animals. Sherry Burk is another key DCHS staff member who runs the pet rescue. The majority of the animals coming into the shelter are part of this program. Most of these animals are in trouble and in need of veterinary assistance, making this program costly. The annual veterinarian bill is between $15,000 and $20,000. Last year, the shelter was able to adopt out 87 dogs and 147 cats. These figures don’t include the animals that were part of the pet rescue program or were euthanized because of sickness or severe abuse and neglect.

The community can help make the DCHS and it services possible by making a financial contribution or attending the fundraiser. Dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m. Rich Edwards will perform a live auction and a silent auction will begin at 6:30 p.m. Presale tickets are available at Paws Bingo Hall, 848 Martin St., Greenville, or at the door. For more information, call 548-7299.

Millie Langston and Evelyn Sharp, co-chairs of the spaghetti supper and charity auction, work on basket for the auction. (Ryan Berry photo) 


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