Feb 18, 2013

State and federal grants keep GTS running in 2013

GREENVILLE – The City of Greenville is proud to announce they have been awarded $568,010 for the operations of Greenville Transit System (GTS) for calendar year 2013 from the Ohio Department of Transportation.

This grant is for $241,642 in federal funds and $113,931 in state funds for operating expenses as well as $114,883 for capitalized vehicle maintenance.

In addition, GTS received $97,554 for capital expenses including two new vans to replace older models.

GTS is a subsidized public transportation system open to everyone regardless of income or purpose of trip. GTS runs much like a taxi service and anyone can ride. You do NOT have to be agency eligible. Wheelchair lift equipped vans are available. Call for your ride at 547-1811.

GTS provided 49,180 rides in 2012. This is a 6.75% increase over 2011 and 43.35% in the past three years. Public fare rates have not increased since 2007.

The transit has also extended the contract with MV Transportation, Inc. for 2013. MV has proven to be effective in making GTS more productive without increasing hours. Drivers are well trained and provide a safe ride within Greenville. Several drivers have received safety awards.

Did You Know?

Those 65 or older or with a disability can ride for 1/2 price? Regular city fare is $3 and $1.50 for those eligible for 1/2 fare. Call for details.

A survey of riders overwhelmingly gives the system great marks. From the bus operator and bus cleanliness to safety and convenience, nearly all riders rated the system as either good or excellent.

For many, GTS is the only form of transportation available. One rider said, “Transit is my ride to work, doctors, groceries. I don’t drive so I would be lost without them.” Another rider said, “This is the first time I have ever been without a car. I appreciate transit very much. Keep up the good work.”


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