Jan 17, 2013

Darke GOP Men host coal representative

GREENVILLE – Missy Mae Walters was the featured speaker at the recent Darke County Republican Men's Club Meeting. Walters is the Southwest Ohio Regional Coordinator for Count on Coal.

Eighty-two per-cent of Ohio's energy is generated through the use of coal - providing 118.1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, or enough power for the equivalent of 4.8 million homes and 212,000 businesses. Ohio ranks number ten in the nation in coal production and number four in coal use. This helps Ohio maintain its rank at number 29 in the nation for energy affordability. Coal provides approximately 46% of the United States' electricity and constitutes approximately 94% of the nation's fossil fuel resources. The United States has nearly 261 billion tons of recoverable coal reserves. According to the Energy Information Administration, at current usage rates, this would provide the United States with a 249 year supply.

The national average cost for kWh is 9.88¢, while Ohio's average is 9.12¢. Direct and indirect employment generated by coal mining in Ohio accounts for 21,220 jobs for a combined payroll of $1.2 billion.

"The correlation between coal-fueled electricity and economic growth is near-perfect. For example, states that rely predominantly on coal generation are generally the states with the lowest electricity rates. Twenty of the twenty-five states with the lowest electricity costs rely upon coal generation for at least 40% of their electricity ─ and all have rates below the national average. It is no coincidence that these states also have the highest concentrations of manufacturing." explained information Walters provided. "Some lawmakers and politicians at the Environmental Protection Agency are over-reaching in their attempts to limit the use of coal for electricity generation. When they try to stop us from using coal, they attack the very foundations of our nation. Coal was the answer generations ago as we built this nation. It's the answer today as we struggle to restore and renew our economy and make the lives of our people better once again. And, it's the answer for generations to come."

For more information regarding Count on Coal, visit www.countoncoal.org.

The Darke County Republican Men's Club meets at 8 a.m. on the third Saturday of every month, except August, in the Chestnut Café (formerly known as the Staff Cafeteria) of the Brethren Home Retirement Community. Breakfast is available for a $6 donation. For further details, please contact President Gary Young at DCRMPresident@darkegop.org.
Missy Mae Walters, Southwest Ohio Regional Coordinator for Count on Coal, speaks to the Darke County Republican Men’s Club. (L. Bliss photo) 


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