Jan 13, 2013

Ansonia Fire Chief retires after 34

ANSONIA—Although Rick Lee took his “last” ride on an Ansonia Fire Truck on Dec. 31, 2012, his department honored the retiring Fire Chief with a reception on Jan. 6 – filled with family, friends, co-workers and well-wishers.

The reception was held at the Ansonia Methodist Church, the same place Lee was approached by Ansonia Firefighters back in 1979 asking if he would be interested in joining the department. “I knew nothing about the department or fires, but I went to a couple meetings and was hooked.”

Lee, who has been a member of the Ansonia Fire Department for 34 years and Fire Chief for 12, said his retirement “was a tough decision, but timely and right. It’s time to turn it over to the younger folks.”

The Ansonia Volunteer Fire Department records an average of 120 runs a year with about 22 volunteers. “It’s a labor of love for me and all the guys who participate,” said Lee. “We also have always had very good community support.”

The department’s motto is “faithfully serving the community in which we live” and Lee will always do so. He serves as Chairman of the Ohio Fire Chiefs Volunteer Committee and will continue teaching the state certified fire training courses through Sinclair Community College and Clark State.

“I will always be active in fire services. My passion has always been the volunteer fire service and I will continue to work in moving that forward.” 
Rick and his wife, Denise. Rick said of his retirement, “I need to spend time with my wife and give back to her now.” Although Denise knows it will be an adjustment, “I’m good with it.” (Roseberry photo) 


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