Dec 17, 2012

Registration taken for HazMatIQ course

GREENVILLE – Darke County Office of Homeland Security Emergency Management & Darke County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) will host a HazMatIQ Technician Course on March 23, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Darke County EMA, 5183 County Home Road, Greenville. This course is open to persons who are involved in HazMat, fire service, public health/governmental and law enforcement.

The HazMatIQ Above the Line/Below The Line system is a patent pending program developed by responders, for responders and only available from HazMatIQ. The HazMatIQ system incorporates the trademarked innovative street smart “Cheat Sheets” that enable responders to safely and efficiently respond to any known or unknown chemical or mixture. Students taking this course will be able to size-up (physical state, hazards, initial hot zone, correct meters and PPE) any chemical in minutes. The system then coaches responders through a streamlined chemical research method to verify their initial size-up, preparing responders to immediately go to work when they arrive on a Hazardous Materials/WMD event.

To register please visit or contact EMA, 548-1444. Class maximum is 30 students. The deadline to register is Feb. 15, 2013.


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