Dec 9, 2012

Local residents part of “War Era Story Project”

COLUMBUS—Dec. 7, 1941, was indeed, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt attested, “a day which will live in infamy.” The Ohio Departments of Aging and Veterans’ Services commemorate Pearl Harbor with a special installment of their joint “War Era Story Project.”

Marry Ann Martin, 99, of Greenville, and Chad Wade, 82, of Union City, are two of 19 stories written by those who remember vividly where they were and what they were doing on the fateful day. The stories can be found on the Ohio Department of Aging’s website:

After Pearl Harbor, Mrs. Martin began working for the war effort at Wright Field in Dayton. She made parts for guns, which she found appropriate, since Annie Oakley was a distant relative. She met her future husband in Dayton and followed him through his military training.

Mr. Wade was 11 when Pearl Harbor was attacked and remembers how the rush of many young men in his community changed home life for him and his neighbors. Everyone felt a need to support the war effort in some way.

The stories of Mrs. Martin and Mr. Wade, plus the other 17, join 46 others that were posted last month, in honor of Veteran’s Day. The agencies received nearly 300 submissions and will continue to release them in small batches until all have been shared.

The War Era Story Project was a follow-up to the Department of Aging’s award-winning 2009 Great Depression Story Project. Since this project was intended to explore Ohio’s war-time experience, the Department teamed with the Ohio Department of Veterans Services to collect stories from veterans of World War II, as well as the men, women and children who held steady on the home front. The project garnered submissions from 284 individuals, including 21 who currently reside out of state or who did not provide location information. Ohio residents represent 50 different counties. Of the authors who provided an age, the oldest was 100 and the youngest was 25. The average age of the authors was 83.


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