Dec 3, 2012

Career Tech students give presentations at OSBA conference

GREENVILLE – Both the CIS and Engineering Tech Prep Programs at Greenville High School represented the school at the Ohio School Board Association Conference on Nov. 11-14. Previously, the students and instructors were honored with this selection by the Southwest Region with a framed certificate at their Annual Fall Meeting on October 11 at the Warren County Career Center.

This was the second year for CIS to attend this conference. They presented information on the employment experiences offered them through the CIS class. The Greenville City Schools has been hiring students from the CIS class between their junior and senior years to work over the summer with the network administrators to help get the district’s computers ready for the school year. The hired students were able to participate in a Progress Book training session so they were able to work with the returning teachers as the district changed to a different online grade book program.

The students continue to work after the school day on an as-needed basis. This program provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Several of last year’s graduates have already secured positions in computer related fields at GTI and Crown Equipment while continuing their related education at Sinclair Community College.

The CIS program is a two-year program offered to juniors and seniors. It is taught using Cisco’s online curriculum which prepares students for the Cisco CCNA certification exam, the industry standard in computer networking. CIS also covers IT Essentials which prepares students for CompTIA’s A+ certification exam, which is the industry standard in computer repair/help desk. Students have the opportunity to earn up to sixteen to thirty semester hours of college credit while in high school. Zeppelin Hoehn, Nicholas Venenga, and Kody Kitchen presented for the CIS Program.

The Engineering Tech Prep Program also presented at the OSBA conference for the second year in a row. The Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plant is a horizontal form of the hydroelectric dam. The benefits of using an artificially induced vortex above gravity- accelerated water increases efficiency, decreases cost, and not only lowers the negative impact on the environment, but actually increases the sustainability and health of the river as a whole. The ingenious invention was designed and developed by Franz Zotlterer, an Austrian engineer, who saw the advantage of using this natural process.

For the 2012 Engineering 12 class at Greenville Senior High School, teammates Chase Jenkinson, Lane Flora, and Scott Wirrig have chosen to follow in the footsteps of the 2011 Engineering 12 class by further researching and developing the project. With instructor Chris Sykes, these students prepared a written report, portfolio, a new functioning model, and a presentation to be used for various events. What makes this project different from previous projects is its ability to go further than the class itself.

Students in Engineering Tech Prep have the opportunity to earn up to 16 semester hours of transferrable credit at Edison State Community College with additional possibilities at Sinclair.

A Greenville Engineer Tech Prep student shares information about the Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plant at the Ohio School Board Association Conference. 


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