Dec 16, 2012

Buchy Foodservice closes after 134 years of business

GREENVILLE – After 134 years of continuous business in Greenville, Buchy Foodservice is no more. Employees were made aware of the Buchy family’s decision to sell the company to Sysco, the largest food distributor in the United States, on Dec. 7.

The Buchy family started the business as a meat packing company. By the late 1960’s the family began moving away from the manufacturing process and by 1991 they were solely concentrating on distribution. The company moved to a new building in the Greenville Industrial Park six years ago.

“We weren’t seeking to sell the business,” said Jim Buchy, president. “We were approached five months ago by Sysco with an interest in buying the business.” According to Buchy, he would not have sold the business if he did not have the unanimous support of his family.

One of the key issues during the discussion process was Buchy’s staff of 26 employees. Unfortunately, some of the employees will be left without a job. About half of the employees have been asked to join the Sysco staff, including Jim’s daughter, Kate Kerg, director of merchandising; son, John Buchy, sales; and son-in-law, Kevin Kerg, district sales manager. Jim has also been retained by Sysco for a year as a consultant. Included in the list of those accepting positions with Sysco are drivers and the entire sales staff. Some of Buchy’s employees declined to interview for a position because of various reasons including not wanting to commute or move to the Cincinnati area. He noted he is working with those employees to find employment in the area.

Jim did address some of the rumors spreading through the community. The employees that chose not to interview for a position with Sysco are eligible for unemployment benefits and those that accepted jobs with the company were not hurt financially.

Even though the company was sold, the building continues to be owned by Buchy. He is in the process of listing the building for sale or lease.


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