Nov 14, 2012

Wildflower Garden Club holds meeting

DARKE COUNTY – The Wildflower Garden Club met Nov. 1, at Teri Ann Kline’s house. Roll call was Winter Protection of Your Plants – putting mulch, straw or leaves around the plants were some of the answers. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.

The program was given by Sherri Hesson, of Ace Hardware on gardening tools – past, present and use of. Most of the tools used now were used years before except some of the material they are made out of. It was a very interesting program.

On old business, we made two wreaths at our workshop to donate for the Garst Museum’s raffle. Our next workshop will be Nov. 5 to get decorations made for the Christmas tree at the Brethren’s Home on Nov. 28.

Fast talk was on “Can you trust the tag?” was given by Virginia O’Dell. Can you trust the height and width listed on the tag? Well, yes and no. Most annuals grow great in the tight quarters container; the frequent watering and the loose potting mix allows them to grow to their full size. Some can even take over a pot in one season. But it’s easy enough to pinch them back to keep them the desired size. If they’re not growing in pots on a long-term basis, generally summer bulbs, perennials, tender perennials and tropicals don’t reach their full size. Crowding of their roots tends to keep these plants from reaching the size listed on the tag. Most full-sun plants do fine with a bit of shad. So even if they’re listed as full sun, give plants some shade for several hours during the hottest part of the day so their leaves don’t scorch. Don’t forget to watch the soil moisture, too. On the flip side, some shade or part-shade plants can do great in a spot that gets six or more hours of sun. Plant tags are valuable tools for learning about new plants to grow in your garden. Just remember that when it comes to containers, you can’t believe everything you read.

Enjoying the refreshments were Nancy Baker, Judy Burns, Shirley Delaplane, Chris Detrick, Brenda Grant, Carmen and Jennifer Howell, Teri Ann Kline, Chris Lemon, Elke Melling, Virginia O’Dell, Peggy Overholser, Barb Rhoades, Martha Singleman and Chris Stamcoff. The door prize was a basket of food goodies won by Peggy Overholser. The next meeting will be the annual Christmas party on Dec. 6, at the Inn of Versailles. They will have the gift exchange and draw for new secret sisters.


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