Oct 28, 2012

President Obama, Vice President Biden make joint campaign stop in Dayton

An estimated crowd of 9500, many waiting for nearly three hours, greeted the President and Vice President at Triangle Park in Dayton.(roseberry photos) 

President Barack Obama 



DAYTON—President Barack Obama, making his first Dayton 2012 campaign appearance, and his first Ohio appearance with Vice President Joe Biden, was greeted by a crowd estimated at 9500 at Triangle Park in Dayton on Oct. 23.

Vice President Biden took the stage to introduce the President, first, urging everyone to “Vote Early,” then reminding everyone of the previous night’s presidential debate, calling the president a “Commander in Chief who is in command of the issues.”

He added, “these debates have exposed that Governor Romney and Paul Ryan have a foreign policy right out of the ‘80s, a social policy out of the ‘50s, and an economic policy right out of the ‘20s.”

President Obama listed Romney’s ever-changing issue positions, drawing a huge reaction with: “Romnesia--if you can’t seem to remember the positions that you’ve taken not just four years ago but four days ago, if you don’t remember the positions that are on your website, if you don’t remember the promises you’ve been making during the six years you’ve been running for President, you don’t have to worry, because Obamacare covers preexisting conditions.”

He also reminded the crowd of strides made during his administration: “Our businesses have added more than 5 million new jobs over the past two and a half years. Manufacturing is growing faster than any time since the 1990s. Our unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level since I took office. Home values are rising. The stock market has rebounded. Our assembly lines are humming again. Our heroes are coming home. We are moving forward.”
Vice President Joe Biden 

His speech also included a five-point plan for the economy. (To take a look, visit BarackObama.com/plans).

“And now it’s up to you -- right here, right now. You’ve got to decide which path we’re going to take. You can choose the top-down policies that got us into this mess, or you can choose the policies that we are promoting that will get us out of this mess. You can choose a foreign policy that’s reckless and wrong -- or you can choose the foreign policy that Joe and I have been applying that’s steady and strong. You can choose to turn back the clock 50 years for women, and immigrants, and gays, or you can say, in this election, we believe that everybody has got a place in America. We want to make sure everybody has got opportunity. No matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your last name is, no matter who you love, here in America, you can make it if you try.”


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