Oct 29, 2012

Darke Co. Prepares for Sandy

Darke County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the Darke County Chapter of the American Red Cross are working together on the preparations of Hurricane Sandy.

The major threat for our area is high winds. These winds are likely to cause power outages. The most important thing for Darke County residents to do is prepare. Now is a good time to test your generators or make arrangements to stay with relatives or friends that have generators.

People should listen to local radio, television, a weather channel or a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) radio for information.

Residents need to become familiar on how to shelter-in-place. Shelter-in place means to take immediate shelter where you are—at home, work, school, or in between. It is important to listen to the TV or radio to understand whether the authorities wish you to merely remain indoors or to take additional steps to protect yourself and your family.

Preparation for any type of severe weather also means having a family disaster plan and an emergency supply kit assembled and in a location that is easy to access during an emergency.

Please just remain mindful of the potential of this storm. Visit www.ready.gov, www.darkecountyema.org, www.redcross.org, or call 937-548-1444 for more information on preparing and planning for disasters.


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