Jul 25, 2012

McDaniel remembered with mother being honored by Gold Star Mothers

GREENVILLE – “If a person will stand in battle to insure our freedom, then we should stand with family and friends to honor them,” said Darke County Engineer Jim Surber. Surber was one of several speakers giving recognition in memory of and honor for Master Sergeant William L. “Bub” McDaniel II.

The event was hosted by the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion (LAAL) Post 140 and the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (LAVFW) Post 7262 to provide an opportunity for McDaniel’s mother to be honored by the Gold Star Mothers. Nan Zanowick presented Mrs. McDaniel with a Gold Star Mother’s Flag. Gold Star Mothers represents those mothers whose child has died while in military service.

Also present was Gala Stites representing the Blue Star Mothers (those mothers with children serving in the armed forces). The blue star represents hope and pride, the gold star represents sacrifice to the cause of liberty and freedom.

Frankie Sanderson, president of LAAL, was the emcee, welcoming everyone and introducing all speakers and other participants in the program. The Greenville Honor Guard posted the colors and Ken Preston, Sr. led the Pledge of Allegiance. Jack Harless offered the invocation.

Amy Erisman, a member of both auxiliary groups hosting the event, gave a history of the Gold Star Mothers in Greenville. They formed a group in 1947 and were active until 1978. During that time, they were responsible for the installation and care of the “Gold Star Mother” statue at the main entry to the Greenville Park.

“Mrs. Don Hoblitt took care of the statue and the plantings around the statue for 40 years. In 1997, she turned that duty over to me. The flowers are to be yellow and pink only – with patriotic touches.” explained Erisman.

The area around the statue was enlarged when the remodeling of the nearby street and intersection was done in 2007, resulting in the time capsule buried near the statue being destroyed.

Patriotic Guard Riders were present to welcome all attendees and to form a flank to present McDaniel’s parents, William and Sheila with a special plaque on behalf of their organization and in memory of their son.
“So in remembrance of this very special day, let all of us in this room, never ever lose the will to keep what so many have fought and died for on our behalf. That is the living legacy of Bub,” stated Representative Jim Buchy (OH84- R). Buchy presented McDaniel’s parents with a commendation from the Ohio House of Representatives.

Anita Miller, a Blue Star Mother, presented both of McDaniel’s sons Alexander and William III with an official United States Air Force coin.

The LAAL and LAVFW had searched for a bag pipe player to join the ceremonies. The one who generally performs at similar events in the Greenville area was on vacation. None was to be found. What a surprise it was when McDaniel’s son Alexander arrived at his grandmother’s home with a large case holding a bagpipe! He performed Amazing Grace, while tears were present in a lot of eyes in the audience.

Mary Jane Dietrich, Commander of Disabled American Veterans Unit 57 gave the invocation and the Greenville Honor Guard retired the colors.
Nan Zanowick presented Mrs. Sheila McDaniel with a Gold Star flag and hugs her in commemoration of McDaniel’s son William II. (L. Bliss photo)


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