Jul 31, 2012

Local business owner invited to hear Pawlenty

GREENVILLE – “It’s true in Ohio, and it’s true all across this country ...we need to make sure for Ohio and for the country we have a President and a Congress that are making the load lighter and not heavier for those who want to provide jobs in this country,” said Governor Tim Pawlenty. “You can’t be pro-jobs and wildly anti-business. That’s like being pro-egg and anti-chicken.”

Pawlenty, past governor of Minnesota, was addressing a group of small business owners from the Miami Valley at a Romney Campaign, “We DID build it!” press conference held at Dayton’s Dublin Pub. Other officials in attendance were Congressmen Steve Austria (R-OH7) and Mike Turner (R-OH3). Montgomery County GOP Chairman Rob Scott and Chairlady Kate Burch were also among the assembled group.
Along with the press, various small business owners from the area were invited to attend. Doris Howdieshell, owner of Tropical Isle Tanning in Greenville, was one of the invitees. “I have always been proud of my country, but this is the first time in my life I am frightened about what is going to happen to America,” Howdieshell told members of the Romney campaign.

Pawlenty spoke regarding the current President’s achievement record versus what was promised during the past campaign -- less debt, more cooperation, transparency in government and a better jobs picture – all of which have not been delivered. Pawlenty asked the assembled group how successful they thought the owners of the Dublin Pub would have been if they promised cold, brand name beer and instead served warm foam. Pawlenty said that to be a success, promises must be kept.

Owners of the Dublin Pub hosted the event. George Houser, one of those owners, welcomed the group and talked about the experiences he has had in building both his tanning and pub businesses…..all of which were impacted negatively, rather than aided by the government. The escalating paperwork requirements and skyrocketing tax structure, over the years during which he has been operating his businesses, were two of the items identified as impediments to success rather that supports.


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