Jun 19, 2012

Local author releases next volume in series

ANSONIA – In a world filled with turmoil and economic uncertainty, it is highly unlikely that anyone at all has been pondering the question: Can spiders swim? Yet, however serious the problems mankind faces, focusing one's attention solely on negative topics serves no constructive purpose, and solves nothing. This being the case, we will navigate our "ship" of topics from those that are depressing into the waters of fun and whimsy. So...can spiders swim? By golly, they can! Didn't know that, did you?
These talented spiders are called "water spiders". (Imagine that...) They live on the bottom of ponds, and when they need air, they swim to the surface of the pond. As they run about the surface, their body-hair collects air-bubbles, which they then deposit into silken chambers on the pond's bottom. Like oxygen tanks, the spiders draw upon the oxygen when needed.
Sorry--they're not nearly amazing as Leroy Baxter, the Near-Sighted Spider! Have you heard about him?
Leroy Baxter is the smartest spider in the world! He is also the most curious. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for readers, his curiosity leads him into one adventure after another--and LOTS of trouble!
And guess what? Leroy knows how to swim, too! In the newly-released Volume 6, "Leroy Goes Deep-Sea Diving", Leroy not only can swim, he can even breathe under water, just like a fish! Using his swimming fins, Leroy and his best friend, Silent Buster, bring a lot of mischief to the ocean's bottom, and a lot of fun!
Leroy Baxter's creator, author/illustrator Kim Smith can be reached at 671-8511 or spiderwoman12303@yahoo.com for story-hours, book-signings, or to purchase a book in her series.


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