May 7, 2012

Greenville Schools Foundation gives grants

GREENVILLE – The Greenville Schools Foundation recently announced the winners of the 2012 grants, which totaled $5,925, an increase over last year’s contribution. This is the 12th year the Foundation has been able to award grants, which help to fund programs that promote excellence in the classroom.
The 2012 grants were awarded for the following proposals:
* $1,073 to Greenville East Intermediate School submitted by Edwinna Thomas, literary specialist. The grant funded the purchase of a laptop to use with existing Smartboards for modeling instructional practices for writing instruction by third and fourth grade language arts teachers.
* $1,260 to Greenville East Intermediate School submitted by Kara Strawn, staff member, for a washer and dryer. This grant enables MD classroom students who are in charge of laundering items to learn life skills and fosters a comfortable and safe learning environment. The units were purchased with the assistance of Marlise McCallister of Hansbarger Home Solutions.
* $500 to Greenville High School Vocari Program, submitted by Matt Cordonnier, teacher. This grant funds supplies to reward students when they improve grades or achieve goals and to compensate guest speakers.
* $500 to Greenville High School Vocal Music Department submitted by Dawn Kindley of the vocal music booster organization. This grant contributes to the fund for the future replacement of the vocal music department’s risers.
* $400 to the Greenville High School Counseling Department submitted by Becky Curtis, for college visit transportation. This grant assists the guidance office and the Bridges to College program in sponsoring four trips to different colleges in order to expose students to post-secondary options and increase awareness of financial aid.
* $2,200 to Greenville High School Marching Band of Pride submitted by Scottie Moore, teacher. This grant partially funds the replacement of percussion instruments comprised of 3 marching snare drums, 2 five-drum marching tenor drum sets, and 4 marching bass drums.
The Greenville Schools Foundation considers many factors when awarding grants, including the number of students who will benefit, the monetary amount of the proposal, the effect the grant may have on the district’s report card, and the potential of the grant to promote academic excellence, fine and performing arts, or general enrichment programs.
The Greenville Schools Foundations was formed in 1998 and began awarding grants in 2001. The initial major fundraising drive was “The Wave Way,” a commemorative brick plaza located in front of Greenville High School. This project raised not just necessary funds, but also created an attractive plaza where people could pay a lasting tribute to Greenville High School.
If you would like to memorialize your time at Greenville High School, or do so on behalf of a loved one, these bricks are still available. They make wonderful gifts for recent graduates. To obtain more information about purchasing a brick please contact the Greenville City Schools, Central Office at Memorial Hall (937-548-3185) or go online to
Another fundraiser planned for the fall will be a dinner and silent auction, which has become a tradition and is held at Romer’s Catering on East Main.
The date is set for Oct. 13, and one of the featured items will be a 2008 Harley Davidson 883 Low.  You will be able to buy raffle tickets in advance for this great item!   Watch for more details in future articles.
During the school year, local businesses and individuals sponsor touchdowns in football or three-point shots in basketball, contributing a specified amount each time one of these goals is made. The Foundation appreciates the generosity of these donors, as well as the athletic department’s cooperation in raising these funds.
They continue to have other fundraisers as needed to support the grants that are handed out each year in order to promote excellence in the classroom.
The Foundation also accepts cash donations, in-kind donations of services or materials, life insurance and endowment insurance policies.
To learn more about the Greenville Schools Foundation, contact Suzanne Brown, chairperson; Sam Suter, Dianne Brown, Gretchen Davis, Loretta Etzell, Nicole Harrison, Patti Jetter, Jim Sommer, Julie Kirk, Mike Rieman, Kathy Lockhart, Dave Ernst, Fred Matix or visit the school website
Transportation to colleges is possible through a grant. Shown are (front row) Krists Subler (Guidance), Becky Curtis (Guidance), Stephanie Cech and Michelle Borgerding (students), Dianne Brown (GSF Board), Loretta Etzell (GSF Board), (back row) Dave Ernst (GSF Board), Mike Rieman (GSF Board), Kathy Lockhart (GSF Board), and Matt Sutter (Guidance).

Third and fourth grade teachers will get new laptops to work with Smartboards in the classroom. Shown are Dianne Brown, Gretchen Davis, Mike Rieman (GSF Board members), Edwinna Thomas (teacher), Patti Jetter and Dave Ernst (GSF Board members).

The Vocal Music Dept. received a grant for future replacement of risers. Shown are (front row) Dianne Brown (GFS Board), Terri Fryman (Vocal Music accompanist), Landen Kiser, Shore Crawford, Nicole Leis, and Justin Westfall (all Vocal Music seniors), and Loretta Etzell (GFS Board), (back row) Kathy Lockhart, Dave Ernst, and Mike Rieman (GSF Board Members).
The grant to the Vocari General Fund will help reward students for good grades. Shown are Mike Rieman (GSF Board), Dianne Brown (GSF Board), Matt Cordonnier (teacher), Kathy Lockhart (GSF Board), Loretta Etzell (GSF Board), Dave Ernst (GSF Board).
A washer and dryer for the Disabilities Classroom was made possible through a grant. Shown are Mike Rieman, Dave Ernst, Dianne Brown (GSF Board members), Kara Strawn (teacher), Patti Jetter and Gretchen Davis (GSF Board members).
Percussion instruments were partially replaced with the grant. Shown are Gretchen Davis (GSF Board), Suzanne Brown (GSF Board), Scottie Moore (Instrumental Music Director), and Loretta Etzell (GSF Board).


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