May 30, 2012

CBC makes changes to ID system

DAYTON For many blood donors, a brightly colored arm bandage comes with a sense of accomplishment and a well-worn Community Blood Center (CBC) Donor ID card is an even greater source of pride.  But those familiar ID cards are being replaced as CBC undergoes a major software conversion and donors will need their new donor ID number to schedule an appointment.
On June 4, CBC will launch a new software system that will automatically assign each donor a new, eight-digit donor identification number.  For most donors, the replacement process begins when they arrive at a CBC branch or mobile blood drive to donate.  When CBC registration staff members scan the old card they will indicate that the card must be replaced.  A firm contracted by CBC will create the new card and send it to the donor by mail.
Donors will receive a sturdy, plastic ID card with their name, blood type, ID number and bar code as a replacement for the paper ID card.  Donors will also receive a plastic key fob card with the same information.
Another very important outcome of the software upgrade and the donor ID conversion is that donors must use their new ID number to log onto to schedule an appointment.  They will not be able to access their account with their old ID number.
CBC has emailed new donor ID number notifications to thousands of CBC donors, but many will remain unaware that, as of June 4, their donor ID number has changed.  Anyone who has trouble logging on and scheduling an appointment on should call CBC at 1-800-388-GIVE for assistance.


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