Apr 30, 2012

Successful Saturn watch at Shawnee Prairie Nature Center.

GREENVILLE - On April 27, a few dozen sky watchers turned their eyes upwards in hopes of catching a glimpse of our ringed planetary neighbor. After being greeted by a rather persistent blanket of clouds overhead, the observers retreated indoors to the Nature Center where Mike and Judy Feinstein gave a talk on our solar system and guided participants in creating their own scaled map of our planetary neighborhood. Mike and Judy represented the Stillwater Stargazers Astronomy Club which meets at the Brukner Nature Center near Troy.

A little later in the evening the clouds broke just enough to allow the 2 computer-guided telescopes on hand to complete a proper alignment. This allowed the telescopes to take aim at, and track Saturn's position in the sky. Even though the planet could not be seen by naked eye through the clouds, the light-gathering capabilities of the telescopes provided those more optimistic observers that stayed on, some wonderful views of the ringed planet.


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